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Aquachef Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder

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Taking care of your fish and your aquarium has gotten easier thanks to the Aquachef Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder. You can help reduce the stress levels of your fish by maintaining a regular feeding schedule, without the having to give much thought about it at all.

Simply schedule your feeding times, fill with your favorite Fish Food Flakes, Crumble or Pellets and you are good to go. Your fish will become accustom to the worry free, automatic feeding schedules and the positive impact this can have on your fish can greatly reduce their stress helping to prolong their life. As pet owners, it is our job to do our very best to provide the best life possible for our best. That is why at we do our best to help your pet's life the good life... the PetLife.

  • Compatible with virtually all aquariums
  • Feeds Flakes Pellets and Crumble Food
  • Up to eight feedings per day
  • Battery Powered by 2-AA